Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

  1. [Principles for Personal Information Protection]

    Tanita Health Link, Inc. (hereinafter “Company”) has been engaged in the development and sales of web systems and software, the manufacture, sales and leasing of health and beauty appliances, information services and mail order businesses via the Internet, market surveys, and PR and advertisement.
  2. Personal information acquired from users through our businesses and the personal information of our employees (including specific personal information, hereinafter “Personal Information”) is important for the Company and it is, therefore, our important social responsibility to strictly protect said Personal Information.
  3. Therefore, the Company shall handle the Personal Information acquired through our business activities in accordance with the following policies to provide security to users and employees of the Company and fulfill our social responsibility for the protection of Personal Information.


  1. 1. Acquisition, use, and provision of Personal Information
    The Company shall acquire Personal Information by legal and fair means.
  2. The Company shall use Personal Information within the range necessary to achieve the purpose of use.
  3. In the event that the Company provides Personal Information to a third party, the Company shall obtain consent of the relevant person or persons in advance.
  4. The Company shall use acquired Personal Information only for the purpose of use, and take measures to prevent other uses.
  5. In the event that the Company needs to use acquired Personal Information for additional purposes, the Company shall obtain the consent of the relevant person or persons before using said Personal Information.
  1. 2. Guidelines and Standards Specified by Laws and Regulations (hereinafter “Laws and Regulations”) by the National Government
    The Company shall know and comply with Laws and Regulations regarding businesses handling Personal Information, and ensure that employees engaged in the Company’s businesses (hereinafter “Employees”) know and comply with Laws and Regulations regarding businesses handling Personal Information.
  1. 3. Safety Management of Personal Information
    To prevent a wide range of risks, including unauthorized access to, leakage of, loss of, and damage to Personal Information, the Company shall establish and maintain a system that promptly enables it to take corrective and preventive actions for the safe management of Personal Information.
  2. The Company shall monitor to identify violations and accidents, take immediate corrective action, and take preventive measures to strengthen weak points.
  3. The Company shall provide thorough safety education to all employees.
  1. 4. Acquired Information
    (1) Cookies
  2. After users access this website, the website or the advertisement sponsors may send cookies to the computers of said users.
  3. Cookies are small blocks of data created by a web server for effective operation of the Internet.
  4. Cookies are not used to identify individuals, but to create statistical data to enhance user experience.
  5. Users can disable cookies using their browser setting, and they can also delete all cookies they have accepted. It’s up to users whether they accept or refuse a cookie.
  6. Please be advised that disabling cookies may interfere with the ability to browse the website or apply for presents and campaigns.
  7. (2) Location Information
  8. To provide services using user location information acquired via GPS and terminal network, and acquisition times (hereinafter “Location Information”), the Company may acquire user Location Information within the range of the relevant services.
  9. User Location Information may be acquired periodically and automatically when the terminal used is in the foreground state, in which users operate an app or display information on the screen, or in the background state, in which terminals are operated invisibly.
  10. Users can stop sending their Location Information by changing the settings of the services or on their terminals. In such case, users may not be able to use part or all of the relevant services.
  11. (3) Linkage with Other Companies
  12. The Company may link its services with apps that use a Google account or an Apple ID account to display or record user activity data.
  13. After obtaining the consent of users, the Company retains and uses the number of user steps acquired from Google Fit app on Android devices and Healthcare app on Apple devices through its services.
  14. The Company shall not read data from the Google Fit app on Android devices or the Healthcare app on Apple installed on user devices without the consent of said users.
  15. Users can cancel the Company services’ access to the number of steps using the settings of the Company’s app, Google Fit for Android, and Healthcare for Apple devices at any time.
  1. 5. Complaints and Inquiries
    We also have a Personal Information Support Desk that enables a prompt, good-faith response to complaints and inquiries regarding Personal Information management.
  1. 6.Continual Improvement
    To protect Personal Information, the Company has a Personal Information protection management system, and monitors and audits its state of compliance with internal regulations, identifies violations, accidents, incidents and weak points regarding Personal Information protection, and performs reviews conducted by top management. The Company shall reflect the results in management policies and internal regulations to continually improve the Personal Information protection management system.
  2. We shall conform to Laws and Regulations, and JISQ15001 for improvement.

Date of Establishment: July 1, 2008
Date of Revision: June 28, 2018
Date of Revision: July 1, 2019
Date of Revision: March 30, 2021
Date of Revision: August 3, 2021

Keisuke Toshida
President & Representative Director
Tanita Health Link, Inc.

Personal Information Management

The Company shall disclose the following in accordance with the JISQ15001:2017 Requirements and

[Purposes of Use when Acquiring Personal Information in Writing not Directly from the Person]

Type of Personal Information Purpose of Use Disclosure
Data entrusted by users and business partners For specific health guidance, website operation, etc. Not disclosed
Information on applicants acquired by human resource companies, Hello Work (Public Employment Security Office), etc. Employment screening, notification of applicants, etc. Not disclosed

[Purpose of Use of Disclosed Personal Information]

Type of Personal Information Purpose of Use
Information on individuals asking for materials and submitting inquiries Responding to inquiries
Providing information about services
Data on users and business partners Contacting users and business partners, fulfilling contracts, demanding the fulfillment of contracts, etc.
Information on employment candidates and job applicants Employment selection, notification of applicants
Information on employees Employment management, including personnel and general affairs

[Requests for Disclosure, etc.]

  1. In regard to the personal data possessed by the Company, the person or the person’s agent can make requests regarding information about the purpose of use or requests concerning disclosure, revision, addition, or partial deletion of the content, suspension of use, complete deletion, suspension of provision to a third party, and so on (hereinafter “Requests for Disclosure, Etc.”) through the procedures described below:
  1. 1.Submitting Requests for Disclosure, Etc.
    Provide the required information on the Personal Information Disclosure Request Form, and submit the form with the required documents to the Company by post. It is recommended that the form be submitted by regular or simplified registered mail. Please write “Personal Information Disclosure Request Form Enclosed” in red on the envelope.
  1. 2.Application Form for Requests for Disclosure, Etc.
    Provide the required information on the Personal Information Disclosure Request Form, and submit to the Company by post.
  1. 3.Identity Verification
    The Company contacts users who have submitted Requests for Disclosure, Etc. for identity verification by phone. If we cannot verify the identity of said users, we may ask for a copy of their driver’s license, residence certificate, health insurance card, etc.
  1. 4.Requests for Disclosure, Etc. by Agents
    In the event that a user consigns an agent to make Requests for Disclosure, Etc., additional documents must be submitted with the Personal Information Disclosure Request Form. The required documents are described below:
    • (1) A copy of a driver’s license, residence certificate, or health insurance card to verify the identity of the agent
    • *Please black out the permanent domicile shown in the copy before submission.
    • (2) Power of Attorney
    • (Said power of attorney must have the seal of said user, and a seal-impression certificate must be attached. In the event that the agent is a legal representative of said user, a document that proves the relationship with said user can be submitted in lieu of the power of attorney.)
  1. 5.Fees for Request Concerning Purpose of Use and Disclosure of Personal Information
    There is an 800-yen handling charge per request when submitting Requests for Disclosure, Etc. or purpose of use. Please enclose a postal money order in the amount of 800 yen with documents to be submitted with the application. The cost of purchase of said postal money order and postage for sending application documents shall be borne by said users. In the event that the postal money order is less than 800 yen or not enclosed, please be aware that we cannot disclose the Personal Information or purpose of use.
  1. 6.Reply to the Requests for Disclosure, Etc.
    The Company shall reply to individual users who have submitted Requests for Disclosure, Etc. in writing to the address provided in the application form.

[Personal Data Sharing]

  1. The Company may share the personal data acquired through the services within the range described in [Members] below.
  1. [Services]
    “Services” shall mean the services provided through the Karada Karute and HealthPlanet operated by the Company for the general public, and the services that include modifications in accordance with corporate contracts (hereinafter “Services”). All Services are provided by the Company to the members via the Internet.
  1. [Members]
    “Members” shall mean the individuals who have registered for the services directly, or indirectly through corporates contracted with the Company and who are approved by the Company (hereinafter “Members”).
  1. 1. Personal Data to be Shared
    ・Personal data sent from measuring devices manufactured by Tanita Corporation (hereinafter “Tanita Devices”) to the system of the Services (hereinafter “System”) after the Members start using the Services;
  2. ・Personal data registered by the Members using the Tanita Devices (including gender, date of birth, height, and prefecture of residence, but excluding name, address, telephone number and e-mail address); and
  3. ・Personal data registered through the use of the System by the Members using the Tanita Devices (including meals, exercise, health examinations, and points)
  1. 2. Range of Parties for Personal Information Sharing
    Tanita Corporation and its affiliated companies (Kabushiki Kaisha Tanita Akita, Kabushiki Kaisha Tanita Shokudo, Kabushiki Kaisha Tanita Fitsme)
  1. 3.Purpose of Use
    For business, and research and development of products and services
  1. 4.Organization and Person Responsible for the Management of the Relevant Personal Information
    Please feel free to contact us for more details, to lodge complaints and submit inquiries through the Personal Information Support Desk below:
  1. <Personal Information Support Desk>
    Tanita Health Link, Inc.
     7th Floor at Mita 43MT Building, 3-13-16 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan, 108-0073
     TEL: 03-5904-8008 (domestic)/ +81-3-5904-8008 (overseas) (9:00-12:00, 13:00-18:00 on weekdays)
     FAX: 03-5927-8683 (domestic)/ +81-3-5927-8683 (overseas) (24 hrs.)
     (We are not open on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, during summer holidays and year-end and New Year holidays.)

    <Responsible Personnel for Personal Information>
     Keisuke Toshida, Chief Privacy Officer
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